the whole Joe Paterno cover-up of the behavior of Jerry Sandusky felt familiar to me.  Just this spring, a retired police captain Foster "Pete" Bowen was convicted of molesting at least 9 youths including two of his great nephews and sentenced to 301 years.  For more on the history of this trial, see this set of links.http://www.wsaz.com/...

To really appreciate how truly awful this crime was, two of the victims went to the Cabell County Sheriff's office in Ona WV with complaints after they they became adults and could see the pattern of parents letting their children be alone with this man was continuing.  The sheriff at the time was Kim Wolfe, who ran for Rahall's seat in Congress as a Republican and who is currently the mayor of the City of Huntington.  http://www.herald-dispatch.com/...

How is this case you probably have never heard of related to the Sandusky hand-washing by Paterno and Penn State?

These serial abusers of boys and teens are out there and are sometimes in great positions of trust.  People are asking who could be worse to cover up such crimes than the adored football coach with a youth charity.  The short answer, the police themselves.

The defense of Joe Paterno is starting up already.  Penn State University is starting investigations and the football announcers are commenting that the healing has begun.  Based on the trial in Huntington and which featured Pete Bowen denying everything and calling his accusers liars, it could be some time before any healing occurs and the wagons will circle to defend those who should have investigated the charges.  I would predict that Sandusky will plead guilty and avoid a trial, but if a trial does occur, expect those bringing charges to have to publicly defend themselves.

How could the abuse have been continued after complaints were brought?  Because the police took no action to investigate for over 5 years.  How could children have not told their parents?  Shame and fear they wouldn't be believed.  And then of course the horrors of that trial while this icky old man denied almost everything.  

And most of all, why is Kim Wolfe still mayor?  I guess it is OK if you are a Republican.

Let's not let the Sandusky cover-up by Paterno be forgotten like Wolfe overlooking Bowen complaint.  Maybe this will be the tipping point.

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