There are a couple of bills (like PROTECT IP) coursing through Congress that if enacted threaten the entire internet only to protect outmoded business models of the movie and music industries.

One particularly pernicious example is the Stop Online Piracy Act which would require the US government to do their or any supposed "rightsholder's" bidding to shut down foreign "rogue" sites. The truth is that it would also shut down US sites  like Twitter and YouTube and including the DailyKos - (that means you, too) if found in violation of Hollywood's whims the SOPA provisions.  It even threatens to shut down and blacklist ISPs who don't cooperate.

It is opposed by big internet companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, eBay, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zynga and others. Even VP Joe Biden has spoken out against it (although not directly and only until he is for it - coming soon!):

More information can be found on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website.

More importantly if you want to do something about it, participate in American Censorship Day tomorrow, November 16, 2011.


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