News wrap Week 1:  A dramatic shift in geopolitics since the official negotiating process began in 1992 is resulting in major clashes which threaten to undermine the bedrock of the very architecture of the UN Climate Talks.

One of the major problems surfacing this week, are growing tensions among the 132 countries constituting the G-77 and China. The BASIC nations  - Brazil South Africa,and India and China - while part of this group -  currently have significantly higher emissions and larger more prosperous economies than they did back in the 1990s. Their desire to postpone any decision on cuts to their emissions for ten more years is just one example of how marginalized AOSIS and other LDCs have become.

1000 Durbans Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

Watch the UNFCCC Talks LIVE

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Over the two weeks of COP17, The Daily Durban provides a resource guide as well as a collaboration of writers and social media teams to provide 24x7 coverage of live events, news, side events, videos and radio shows from the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban, SA.

Joining the team @ Kos are  Kelly Rigg (GCCA), Franke James (Canadian enviroartist), Janet Redman, (Institute for Policy Studies), Victor Menotti (International Forum on Globalization) Bill McKibben (350.org), and Ian Sullivan (Oxfam) with team collaboration among tcktcktck,  Post Carbon Institute, Oxfam, Sierra Club, Wiser Earth, Transition US, and Ecoequity .

eCOP is also sharing content with the People's Conference C17 and Occupy COP17.

Throughout the talks, Daily Kos Eco writers are also re-posting relevant diaries at The Durban Daily.

Visit the intro Earthship for pre-launch highlights.

Live and Interactive from COP17

Join OneClimate. Beginning 30 November (3pm Durban, 1PM, London 8AM New York), OneClimateTV will be Broadcasting live.

Coverage @ Kos

Schedule (ALL TIMES EST)

Sunday:  Kelly Rigg. GCCA. Darwin Comes to Durban: Overcoming "Survival of the Fittest" Mentality at UN Climate Talks
Monday Morning Durban Time:Franke James
eCOP: Why would Canada censor artist, Franke James? See “Banned on the Hill”
Monday: 28 November WarrenS : Drowning Songs, Drying Songs, Dying Songs
beach-babe-in-fl: Macca's Meatless Monday...Come Together in Durban
citisven: eCOP: HOT STUFF! From Durban to Rio - Introducing International Ecocity Framework & Standards
Sierra Club International: Durban's Dirty Energy Week
enviro writer:eCOP: Building US Leadership from the Inside
Wednesday:  Janet Redman Institute for Policy Studies: 1000 Durbans: Occupy the COP!
Thursday: FishOutofWater: Arctic Enters a New State

Friday:  TBD

Saturday through Sunday:  
December 3rd.
Global Day of Action on Climate Justice.  
CGIAR:Agriculture & Rural Development Day  2011.
Oceans Day
Monday: Bill McKibben
First Global Climate And Health Summit

Thursday: Ian Sullivan: Oxfam on Policy and Politics. FishOutofWater
Friday:  Wrap.

4 December

Climate of Change: East Africa Famine Relief Concert

Mountain Day

Evolving Social Media Kit

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 OCCUPY by Creamy Ewok Baggends
Anthem for the Occupy Movement in Solidarity with COP17

What WWF Wants

Oxfam's Recommendations for COP17

Durban climate talks must deliver action to prevent spiraling hunger

In the last year extreme weather events shocked global markets contributing to soaring wheat prices and imperiling food security in many parts of the world, according to research compiled by Oxfam at the start of the Durban climate talks.

This year could be a grim foretaste of what is to come as new warnings from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) show extreme weather events are likely to increase in frequency and severity without action to tackle climate change.

Don't be a Fossil Fool:GreenPeace Wind Chime Project

Sign up to have your name added to the bamboo wind chimes in support of alternative energy @ Durban

What’s On during COP17

**Global Day of Action march: Friday, from Curries Fountain. A mass march by national and international labour, youth, academics, and religious and environmental organisations, to draw attention to the need for meaningful action on climate change.

**Global Day of Action concert: Friday at the Tech Fields. Gates open at 1pm. Thirty thousand people are expected to attend this free concert.

**Future convention cities initiative: Friday to December 9 at uShaka Marine World. Launched by the Seoul Tourism Organisation, a strategic collaboration and knowledge-sharing forum of leading cities, each with a significant convention centre. E-mail Haroon.Karodia@kzndae.gov.za.

Hat tip - Climate Progress

Photo Credit: Earth - Following a Polar Ice Melt  Photo by Kevin M. Gill.Earth as it would appear should the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets melt, raising ocean levels by an estimated 67.5 meters (~221.5 ft). The Greenland ice sheet is estimated to contribute 7 meters to global ocean levels. The Antarctic ice sheet would contribute 60 meters if fully melted. Additional glaciers and ice caps in the margins of Greenland and Antarctic peninsula would contribute an additional 0.5 meters. Roads were added for reference. Sources: ETOPO1 Global Relief 1 arc-minute elevation raster data provided by the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center. Satellite imagery provided by the NASA's Earth Observatory Blue Marble project. Estimates of ocean level effects from polar ice found on Wikipedia. Rendered using jDem846.

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