Romney Gingrich
It's popcorn time for Mitt Romney (Phelan Ebenhack/Reuters) vs. Newt Gingrich (Chris Keane/Reuters)
Newt Gingrich makes the case the he's the best Not Romney of them all:
“We think there has to be a solid conservative alternative to Mitt Romney,” Mr. Gingrich told WSC Radio in Charleston, S.C. “I’m the one candidate who can bring together national security conservatives, and economic conservatives, and social conservatives in order to make sure we have a conservative nominee.”

He added, “I wouldn’t lie to the American people. I wouldn’t switch my positions for political reasons. It’s perfectly reasonable to change your position if facts change. If you see new things you didn’t see – everybody’s done that, Ronald Reagan did that. It’s wrong to go around to adopt radically different positions based on your need of any one election, then people will have to ask themselves, ‘What will you tell me next time?’”

The next Republican debate is 12 days from now—Saturday, Dec. 10 in Iowa. In the context of the 2012 GOP nomination, that's an eternity, but if Mitt Romney hasn't figured out how to pop Gingrich's bubble by then, it's going to be a rough debate for him indeed.

Originally posted to The Jed Report on Mon Nov 28, 2011 at 11:09 AM PST.

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