To mis-quote Keith Richards, "Dont let the fuckers get you down."

In spite of Republicans worst intentions, American unemployment dropped to 8.6% in November.  The separate Labor Dept jobs report showed a net job growth of 120,000 "careers" dispite 20K more layoffs by the Austerity Party.    Revisions added about 70K jobs in Sept. and October.

This comes on the heels of manufacturing index reports showing that the US economy is leading the world in growth while Asia is flagging and Europe is stumbling back into recession.  Exports are up by 20%... yes, EXPORTS.  Remember Obama repeating that exports would drive our growth repeatedly all year?   It's working people.

The GOP has been choking this country since the newly elected Tea Party was sworn in in January.   They tried to steer us into default and calamity numerous times.   Through it all our President has managed to keep stimulus in this economy while minimizing the public sector carnage where he could.   Green jobs are still growing and the auto industry is enjoying a renaissance both in sales and innovation completely thanks to Barack H. Obama's leadership.

The dramatic drop to 8.6% is largely attributable to people dropping out of the jobs market but don't be fooled, a lot more people have been coming into the market since  the summer:

What’s more, the labor force had increased by nearly 1 million people in the three months before November, suggesting that more jobs are available. People tend to reenter the labor force when they think they have a better chance of finding a job.
Per Marketwatch

Today's a very good day to be me.   A good day for progressive Dems who have trusted that smart would trump stupid.


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