This, within the Heart of the Beast of Our Government, outside of the Heart of the Financial Beast NYC, took place yesterday.

Occupy D.C. protesters arrested during Sunday demonstration
Occupy D.C. protesters arrested in standoff over makeshift shelter at McPherson Sq.

Well on their way from across the Country Occupy is heading in to confront the Political!

From Wisconsin:

Occupy Protesters Headed to Washington DC

Dec 05, 2011 - Statewide Wisconsin (WXOW) - More than 150 people from all over Wisconsin are preparing to join others from across the country in Washington, D.C. as part of a three day, non-violent "Occupy Wall Street" Protest. The thousands converging on the Capitol say they want to counter the power of banks, Wall Street, and big corporations. read more>>>

From Chi Town Chicago:

Occupy Chicago heads to Washington

December 5, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Hundreds of Chicagoans who are involved in the Occupy movement are boarding buses for Washington, D.C. Monday morning.

Three buses will carry the protestors from Occupy Chicago to Washington, D.C. The movement has taken place in cities across the country. Protestors say U.S. Congress needs to represent the 99-percent, not just the 1-percent of the nation's wealthiest people.

Many of the protestors are unemployed and say they have been job hunting for years. read more>>>

From St. Louis:

Occupy St. Louis will occupy D.C. for three days

Dec 5, 2011 - Occupy movements from across the country, St. Louis included, are now heading to Washington D.C. St. Louis members will be joining thousands of protesters for Occupy's "Take Back the Capitol" movement.

Johnathon McFarland says he doesn't have a job holding him back. His bags are packed. He's heading out on a bus to occupy Washington D.C.

"Corporations and government shouldn't be involved with each other," said McFarland. "It seems like they're making decisions against the people. That's why people get mad and stand up and say- hey, these are our rights." read more>>>

The Washington link has a couple of video's but in 'iframe' code, the St Louis link has a video as well but can't see anything to turn off auto play in the code still tryin.

Looking for some more reports from around the country now!

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