Before Occupy was forced out of Zuccotti, Lakoff advised the movement to establish a moral framework. In its priority of horizontal organization, Occupy resisted. Once again, Lakoff tries to extend a guiding hand. I have advised Occupy that the leadership of a horizontal organization holds the same status and performs an organizational role the same as all others filling and performing the roles required by and of that organization as it meets the purpose the organization was formed to fulfill.

It is the leadership that must formulate and present the moral framework that an organization will work within. I called for leaders. I called for a moral framework. I also called for a petition. Occupy has a right to peaceful assembly. Occupy has a right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Occupy does not have the right to encamp where it pleases. Laws and ordinances govern encampment. Ordinances guide and direct peaceful assembly. If civil disobedience is the method of choice, it can be presented in the moral framework with a stated cause. Otherwise, with peaceful assembly to attract attention, present a petition for redress of grievances.

Of any organization, people want to know who is responsible and for what. Imagine our government without leaders accountable to the public and unknown managers collecting and spending public funds and no visible system of managing its many functions.

I will acknowledge what I think is an outside possibility that the movement which Occupy wants to foment will succeed without visible leaders and managers and with civil disobedience but without a petition. But, I still want acclaimed leadership and management and systems and frameworks and petitions and accountability and clarity and goals and reasons to support the movement.

Read George Lakoff's article here

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