The mayor is going after Congressman Jerrold Nadler because he has the audactity to question Lord bloomberg's heavyhanded tactics against the occupy protests.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg criticized a prominent New York City congressman on Thursday for asking the Justice Department to investigate reports of police misconduct at the Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan.

as bad as that is, just take a look at how Bloomberg decided to go after the congressman.

Responding to questions from reporters, Mr. Bloomberg ridiculed the call this week by the congressman, Jerrold Nadler, for the investigation. “If he would spend more time getting us homeland security money, maybe he’d make the streets safer,” the mayor said.
“If he could get us more federal moneys,” the mayor added, “maybe we could make our schools better and we wouldn’t have some of the things that people are protesting against.”

What! Did you just catch that?

Lord Bloombito- the man who won't tax billionaires one cent, is angry at the congressman because he hasn't gone and begged the federal government for funds to supplement NYC tax revenues.

I wonder, is there somewhere else Bloomberg could get that cash to fund schools in the Bronx?

Let's see, who could Bloomberg tax in NYC- Goldman, JPMorgan Chase, that one Koch brother that lives in Manhattan? how about bloombito himself? i hear the billionaire mayor is the 30th richest person on earth. The Koch brothers are worth fifty billion. The banks on wall street- i wonder if they could spare a few shekels.

Nah, who am i kidding. all those billionaires and millionaires that live in NY can't spare a cent. and, if Bloomberg did impose a billionaires tax- they would probably all get up and move to Cleveland.

better to go begging to Washington for middle class cash to run "his" city and "his" army.

This is a man that pretends to be fiscally conservative, a man that pretends he knows how to manage a budget, all without raising taxes on the rich. So, while he yells at Obama about a federal spending problem, and while he tells anyone that will listen- raising taxes on the rich doesn't work.
His secret to balancing the budget?
He yells at his own congressmen- bring home a lot of bacon from the feds, a man's gotta eat ya know.



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