Hello. Tonight's Musical Moondays will follow the theme of last Moonday. This will feature music from my favorite anime of all time, Cowboy Bebop.

I'll start with the intro performed by the Seatbelts.

You can see all sorts of musical elements from jazz to classical hence the name of the series as Bebop or bop is a style of jazz characterized by fast tempo.


Spokey Dokey

There'a a great version of Ave Maria as seen in the Ballad of Fallen Angels

Space Lion

Now I can't mention the soundtrack without giving much accolades to the Brilliant Yoko Kanno.

This is why every song she writes makes you feel each moment in each episode.

Having composed in various genres, including blues, classical, jazz, techno, and J-pop, she was once asked if she favored a particular genre:
“    Ah ... I hear everyone talk about how many genres [I work in] like classical, jazz and others, but personally, I don't divide music by genre when creating. I don't create by saying, 'I must create a classical piece here,' or 'I must create a jazz piece here.' When I create music, I don't consider at all which genre I like best, but what the scene or the anime calls for, like a love [theme] or a mood. There isn't one genre I like more than the others. I find all of them satisfying and all inspire me in different ways.[3]

 The song playing for the the light on-board the ship, named Edward whom the crew didn't realize how much a part of them she was until she was gone. So Call Me Call Me

Let me know it's all right.......

I'll leave you with the ending song from Cowboy Bebop that stays with you forever like the series and believe me, you're gonna carry that weight.


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