From David Nir's front-page diary of earlier today:

• OH Redistricting: Here's some very unhappy Ohio referendum news: Democrats say they're short of funds to complete their petition drive to put the new Republican-drawn congressional map on the ballot. Dems apparently tried to do this one on the cheap, going the all-volunteer route, but it evidently isn't working out for them. The firm which organized the drive to put SB5 up for a vote this past November says that they're still ready to help, but that they just need to get paid. Even if they do get involved, time is incredibly short—and if they don't, then I just don't see how we can get it done. Ohio Democratic chair Chris Redfern says they've only collected 135,000 signatures, but a minimum of 231K are needed by Dec. 26. (And really, you need to file more to survive inevitable challenges.) Ugh. I just have a sick feeling in my stomach about this. If Democrats fail here, then the GOP's brutally gerrymandered map will go into effect for next year, all but ensuring a 12 Republican, 4 Democrat split in Ohio's congressional delegation—even though Ohio is a 50-50 state.

I just called the finance director of the Ohio Democratic Party. They intend to create a special webpage (by later today? tomorrow? anyhow, soon) to accept contributions specifically for the redistricting petition drive. He's going to email me when it's up. I'll post a link on DKos--probably by updating this diary and publishing a new one as well.

If there's any hope of retaking the House, we're going to have to scramble and fight for every seat. This is a damn good place to start fighting.

If any of you are feeling one-percenty, the usual Federal limits on political contributions do NOT apply to contributions to this petition drive.

Watch this space.

UPDATE: donate to the redistricting ballot initiative drive online here.

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Ohio Democratic Party
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please call:
Valarie Johnson
614-221-6563 ext. 116

1-877-OHIO-DEM (toll-free)

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