Hey ya'll. Mdmslle here.

I'm doing a survey of people who consider themselves avid readers. I am trying to learn a bit more about the lifestyle habits of people who love to read (besides myself) and I could use a little help.

See, many of you know that I do television production. I'm in the early phases of planning a new television series that focuses on book reviews. WOW! And in this planning, I need to learn more about what reading folks do when they aren't reading. Unfortunately, I can't use myself alone as a significant statistical indicator. I need a few hundred folks to help me out. So...

If you wouldn't mind completing the survey and then passing it on to someone else, I'd greatly appreciate it. The entire survey takes about 7 minutes to complete (on average) and I'm interested in results from all types of folks so don't be hesitant about sharing the link with your teabagger cousin or your young nephew. As long as they read a lot (self-described), I'm cool.

Here's the link to the survey
I'm leaving it open until I get all the responses I want...so it'll be a while. :)

Oh, and here's a sneak peek (available ONLY to my Kossack friends) to the prototype of the website for the series. I'm hoping to go into pre production in the spring and release the show on PBS by fall 2012. I've got a LOOOOOONG road ahead of me on it, but with your help, I'll be a little closer.

Thanks, ya'll.

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