-Bush stole the election in 2000 - No one yelled and screamed

-HUGE questions on 9/11 went unanswered even during an investigation (where is the plane that flew into the Pentagon??) - No one yelled and screamed

-They LIED to us and got us to attack a country that didn't do anything to us and killed 1million innocents - No one yelled and screamed

-90% of our food is now dangerous UNtested GMOs (that the rest of the world won't buy/eat) and they PREVENT labeling - No one yelled and screamed

-They passed The Patriot Act in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT before anyone could read it - No one yelled and screamed

-They bailed out their buddies on Wall Street in secret ($7 TRILLION) and it's austerity for all of us now til that bill is paid off. Cut education, cut veterans benefits, cut aid for: the poor children, the sick, the elderly. - No one yelled and screamed

**What were they thinking..? I'll tell you..they were thinking.."Well, I guess everyone is asleep, so what more do you want to take??"

and the pièce de résistance?

-They passed a law that allows our Military to detain you FOREVER without charges, access to an attorney, or a trial..

and NO ONE YELLED AND SCREAMED because they had been SILENCED..

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