The largest radio stations in the state, WTMJ 620 AM in Milwaukee, is, of course, totally RW all the time.  While they broadcast national hate merchants, like Laura Ingram, most of their programming is local and propaganda.  It's a never ending ad for Scott Walker and how wonderful everything is now in Wisconsin.  And, yes, before it was illegal to own both a television station and radio station, there is an associated TV station, WTMJ TV Channel 4 (NBC affiliate).  

Update:  The TMJ part stands for The Milwaukee Journal which was the evening newspaper in Milwaukee until its merger with the morning paper, The Milwaukee Sentinal.  The Journal used to be moderate to somewhat liberal while the Sentinal was more Republican in it's reporting.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal publishes morning only.

Here's what happened when the Communications Director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party finally got invited on one of their local shows:

The Wisconsin Democratic Party has had enough.  Today they emailed and posted about the need to stop Walker Radio, pointing at Charlie Sykes, the most prominent shill who also has a television program on (you guessed it) WTMJ TV.  

From the Wisconsin Democratic Party:

Day-after-day, 365 days a year, WTMJ 620 radio, the biggest station in the state, amplifies radical Sykes-Walker talking points in what amounts to millions of dollars of in-kind contributions to the Republican Party.

And now, at all costs, they are attacking the historic recall movement against Scott Walker.

Sykes and WalkerTMJ have gotten away with it for too long. It's time for all of us to stand up to their lies, to their blatant coordination with the Scott Walker Republican Party and their irresponsible divisiveness.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party is asking for donations of $6.20 via Act Blue.

With your support, we'll be able to communicate Scott Walker's terrible record to working, middle-class families across Wisconsin despite WalkerTMJ4's attempts to drown out our people-powered movement.

Of course, the WTMJ Radio/TV RW cabal isn't alone.  There's also the WISN Radio/TV (ABC affiliate) RW cabal with major local RW shill Mark Belling (who subs for Rush Limbaugh) includes national RWNJs Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.  There are smaller RW radio operations, as well, but these two are the largest megawatt blowtorches in the state (and have affiliated television stations).

Update/Correction:  I have been reminded that WISN sold their AM radio station, WISN 1130 AM to Clear Channel so they are no longer a joint venture although broadcasting remains in the same location.

Thanks to (and I'm kidding about the appreciation) Bill Clinton, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 threw the door open to massive media ownership and a lack of diversity of information and voices.  It created a "money talks, everyone else walks" environment where those who have the gold make the rules.  Guess which "side" has the money....

Both Sykes and Belling have been non-stop in their support for Walker and venomous contempt for the Walker recall.  It's the fuel that amps up their listeners to confront and attack recall volunteers.  They're repeatedly describing us as "outside agitators" who are "paid", "union thugs", "lazy welfare bums", "unemployed folks too lazy to get a job", etc.  While there is nothing we can do about their programming content, we can counter their lies with the truth.  And we can push for diversity in programming.  

Tis the season with lots of requests, but if you have 6 bucks looking for a good cause, please send them here to help spread the truth.

Here's the latest video:  

The really sad part is that there is no progressive station in the area, although some folks can receive a small station in Racine and another in Chicago.  I hear that I Heart Radio (requires a special receiver) will be simulcasting The Mic in Madison to the Milwaukee area.  That's a tiny bit of progress.

Thanks for all your support.  Kossacks rock!

Update:  I have added a video of the interview of Graham Zielinski, Communications Director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party being interviewed on WTMJ Radio.

Update #2:  For those not in Wisconsin, here are the Top Ten Reasons to Recall Scott Walker:

Update #3:  Ever vigilent noiseofrain commented about the RW reponse to the Dems campaign on their Koch/Bradley Foundation paid for website Media Trackers.  Hang onto your lunch!

It drives them nuts that they have never been successful on talk radio (Air America anyone?) and they can’t handle the fact that people actually listen, call-in, and learn something that is not spoon-fed to them through the mainstream media.

So instead of trying to compete in the arena of ideas, the Left always looks to try and destroy talk radio. Look no further than the kooky and downright Fascist efforts to institute the Fairness Doctrine and intimidate radio stations.

And now in a bizarre, yet not entirely unpredictable twist, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin appears to have set it’s sights on talk radio, with one host and one station in it’s crosshairs.

Of course it's filled with Frank Luntz approved emotional verbage (kooky, Fascist, destroy, bizarre) and usual BS without any facts or reality.  We expect no less.

Of course, they don't mention that Air America failed, in large part, due to being blacklisted to potential advertisers who were warned of dire consequences if they advertised on the network.  They also fail to mention that most of the Air America shows continued on after AARs demise via syndication and are still available.  They don't begin to mention how Clear Channel, the main pervayor of RW crapola, owns hundreds of stations coast to coast and RW radio has 100% saturation of the United States while any progressive stations have a tiny share.  It's not the merit of ideas that's causing the disparity, it's the amount of megabucks buying up stations that's responsible.

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