I am burning inside, hoping to convey this message to the president and his campaign staff because I know this strategy will work. The strategy may seem on the surface simple and obvious but it has not been used in the form I am suggesting anytime in modern history. Here it is: (very abbreviated but you'll get the point)

The president could use his significant powers of persuasion on the campaign stump to go humbly before the American voters and tell them:

"I need your help to fulfill the vision of the 2008 election. We have saved the collapsing economy we were handed, we have removed the world biggest terrorist, we have ended the war in Iraq and will soon end our decade long commitment in Afghanistan. At home we have begun the process of ultimately providing healthcare services for every American and establishing new rules for the financial industry to make sure we never have another financial collapse due to lack of good regulation.

In order to fulfill our vision of a better America, I need you to vote for Democrats in this election...... Yes, I am asking you to vote for my party, in local, state and national elections because this is the only way that we can make the changes that are so vital to re-energize this country and make sure that every working person has what he or she needs to to be successful if they work hard and make good decisions.

Most Americans don't follow the fine points of legislation but the bottom line is we cannot provide the change you want unless Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives and a filibuster proof majority in the US Senate.

The sad truth about getting any bill passed these days is that 60 not 51 votes are now required in the US Senate because Republicans have decided to use the filibuster as standard practice on all bills.

We need together to make our common vision of 2008 a reality. Yes I want to be re-elected and I need your help to elect a team of Democrats who are here for the middle class, for those seeking to become middle class and yes for the very fortunate as well because when the majority of Americans do well, so do the the wealthy!

When you enter the voting booth I want you to vote for Democrats, from the top of your ticket to your local representatives. If you look back on this country's history you will find that the country has worked the best, financially and globally, when Democrats were in charge. Help complete our work: Make sure you vote and vote for Democrats, the real, party of the people

Author's Note: What do you think of this strategy? Can a president just go straight at the other party and ask American's to simply elect Democrats to improve this country? Even if you are unhappy with the limited progress of the past 3 years, I believe our only hope is the Democrats. Your feedback is appreciated.

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