Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton officially attended his first city of Phoenix meeting today at 3:00 P.M. Mountain Standard Time.  It was an interesting meeting as everybody was eager to see the new mayor in action.  A variety of issues were voted on.  One agenda item that would out source the legal part of negotiating with city of Phoenix workers on their union contracts on behalf of the city was voted on to be decided at a later date.  

Mayor Stanton showed no nervousness or apparent apprehension as he stated to councilperson Diciccio to please route his questions of the city attorney through him after apparent strain between the councilperson and the city attorney had occurred.  This incident occurred because council person Diciccio was asking why the city attorney had not followed up on calling the independent Inspector General's office as he had instructed him to do regarding former mayor Gordon and his dealings with the foreign corporation known as "Veolia".

There were two citizens that spoke on some different agenda items and on the outsourcing of negotiations with the city of Phoenix's workers. At times, one of the elderly citizens went far over the allotted speaking time for citizens on agenda items, yet mayor Stanton was calm and collected.  There was only one time that this elderly citizen when chastising former mayor Gordon and was apparently speaking to mayor Stanton, that the new mayor was helped out by council person Diciccio and that was when the elderly citizen asked the mayor what he should call him and the mayor said he really didn't mind what he called him, to which council person Diciccio spoke to the citizen and said that he should address the mayor as "mayor".

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