Yep.  I said it.  Obama kicks ass!  Why?  Because he does, so deal with it Republicans.  I am so sick of hearing the GOP bash Obama.  I am so sick of hearing the media bash Obama.  I understand some liberals bashing Obama and I am OK with it, but I for one, stand with the President.  The guy is freaking awesome and I don't care who tries to knock me down for saying it.  I am so excited to fight for Obama and give money to his campaign and help him win in 2012.

I was asked the other day on this website why I am so excited about Obama.  I know it's not the popular position to take these days.  It's hard to find people as excited as I am about Barack Obama, but I don't care, I think he is a fantastic President.  So, this is a short list of Obama accomplishments that I think are great and worth my vote and support...

1) He killed Osama bin Laden
2) He passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act
3) He appointed a head to the Consumer Protection Agency during "recess"...screw you Mitch.
4) He passed a massive stimulus that basically saved gov union jobs and the economy in general.  His stimuls was a direct infusion of cash for states to pay the wages and benefits of unionized government workers.  He saved union jobs and I think that is awesome.  A strong union worker makes for a strong private sector employee.  I am a member of a union and I know Republicans would love for organized labor to just wither and die.
5) He opted to save the auto industry and all the union jobs associated with that sector.  More union support.  Do you think Mitt Romney would have saved those unions jobs?  That was the GOP chance to effectively end organized labor in the private sector.
6) He has been a moral and decent man in the White House.
7) The simple historic nature of his race and his accomplishment to just get elected is still exciting to me.  We can't let him be defeated.  That would be a bad precedent, IMO.
8) He has remained calm and positive in spite of the tremendous hate and venom the conservatives have spattered at him.
9) I cannot think of a more liberal president in the last 40 years.
10) Obama has shown the ability to return America to it's position of prominence on the world stage since taking office.  W Bush had shattered the image of America. W set the precendent of preemptive war.   Obama rightly appologized to the world for the incompetence and arrogance of the W Bush admin and he was awarded the nobel peace prize for showing such humility and wisdom.  Yes, Obama appologized for W Bush, fuck yes he did, and he was right to do it.

I could go on: he killed the pirates, he abolished don't ask don't tell, he has fought for unemployment insurance extension, he passed health care reform (risked his Presidency for people with a preexisiting condition, that was not easy to do) and finacial reform, he is an amazing speaker...love that especially compared to W Bush, he stood up for the unionized Boeing employees when Boeing retaliated against laboir and threatened to move a plant and kill thier jobs...The guy is a superstar for union labor.  

For me, Obama has been a truly inspirational President.  I am very very proud to support Obama  I understand that Obama cannot be everything to everyone and I would never expect people to just get in line and support a President, everyone has the right to dissent, protest or just raz a President if they feel like it, that goes with the territory.
I am just saying, for me. Obama is a great President and I cannot wait to vote for Obama in 2012.

I beleive his re-election will set the stage for two decades of Democrats in the White House.  This is our chance to hold the soul of America.  

Imagine Obama winning in 2012, the economy kicks back into gear and then Democrats and Obama are just riding a wave of economic boom times.  Can you imagine the Republcans moaning aboout how awful Obama is when it is his policies that have got America back on track?

This is it.  This is the election to set the stage for Hillary in 2016!!!  Am I excited?  Fuck yes I am.  Liberals have a great President in the White House.  We have got a guy that can WIN and win big in 2012.  

Republicans have labeled Obama as a liberal Democrat.  Awesome I say!  I say this is our chance to re-elected a so called liberal Democrat.  Can you imagine how demoralized the GOP will be if Obama wins in 2012? If Obama wins in 2012, we will get the supreme court back down the road, we will save SS and Medicare, we will have momentum to move to alt energy, we will have a Prez fighting for seniors and the sick and the poor.

I have got Obama's back.  I am a damn proud Obama supporter and I know there are people like me on DailyKos.  

I greatly respect those who have a different opinion.  I appreciate everyone's right to protest and I am not saying Obama is perfect, but in my opinion, he is pretty damn great and I cannot wait to fly to DC for his 2012 inauguration!  I am sure it will be another collosal speech.  

Will Aretha wear another amazing hat?

10:38 PM PT: My hope is that we on the left can respect each other and intelligently remember that despite our differences we are all in favor of a government that protects the elderly, sick, poor and disenfranchised.

Originally posted to themoderateman on Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 12:02 AM PST.

Also republished by I Vote for Democrats, The Federation, In Support of Labor and Unions, and Jews For President Obama.


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