For those who have seen the entire video, you'll recognize some parts.  The Gingrich Pac is going up today in South Carolina with TV ads consisting of 30 second and 60 second excerpts from "When Mitt Romney Came To Town."  

Here's a link to the 30 second excerpt.  (there's a short ad before it begins)


A group of corporate raiders led by Mitt Romney.  The company was Bain Capital.  More ruthless than Wall Street.

Workingman:"Pulled the rug out from under our plant (?)"

Workingwoman: "Everybody was fired.  They fire people. They cut benefits.  They sell assets."

Workingman: "Mitt Romney, them guys.  They don't care who I am."

Workingwoman: "I feel that is the man who destroyed us."

Watch the Movie at wwwkingofbain.com

The PAC has made a $2.4M ad buy in South Carolina for this and other ads.  I don't have a link to the 60 second ad on the King of Bain yet.  In addition, the PAC is considering/exploring buying 30 minute blocks of time to run the movie on TV.

Ed Kilgore describes the movie as "one of the most devilishly effective attack communications I've personally ever seen--a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at the white working class id. ...  No wonder DeMint and Limbaugh have denounced this video: they should, because it's an assault on everything they believe in."

For those who have not yet seen "When Mitt Romney Came To Town," here it is in two parts on You Tube:


This is brilliant stuff.  I hope Democratic consultants learn from this.  When you have the material, use it and don't pull punches.  

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