Occupy has certainly made headlines of people being arrested. But then what happens?

In recent headlines we see:

UC Davis prosecution declines

OWS charges dropped

Felony charges dropped against San Diego occupy folks  (to be continued after sack with squirrels:)

But this poor fellow:
Occupy chalk writer Orange County released

He has been held without bond awaiting trial after a judge told him not to write on the sidewalk again following his first arrest, but he did.  From myfoxorlando

Read more: http://www.myfoxorlando.com/...

How did the cops justify keeping him in jail for that long (2 1/2 weeks) with no trial?

And here:
Dismissed Charges against some Occupy LA folks

Again from Occupy LA

Even in Canada:
Occupy Regina

1/4 of all occupy LA cases dropped for bad evidence

Cops put wrong name as "arresting officer". You gotta know that they can get all that gear on, but it makes it hard to write!

Occupy rochester gets charges dropped

First amendment rights upheld!!! Go Rochester!

The above was all from January

Below December

This in Columbia SC:

Below November

Occupy Sacramento charges dismissed

Charges dropped from Felony assault to misdemeanor

The protesters accused the cop of running down innocent people with his motorbike.

Below October

Nashville protesters have charges dropped

The arrests were in October. I am sorry but I couldn't figure out when this (charges being dropped) was done.


The numbers of arrested are still large.  From twitter is running total

Which at this moment is given as 5897. Some of those cases from the fall are due to come up on the docket in 1, 2, 3......

The end game for the cops is to intimidate and terrify anybody who might want to continue in whatever activity the cops have been told to shut down.

The end game for the Occupiers is to highlight ongoing abuses within the system and get it all out there on the news cycles or get it viral.

As winter begins to sock in at least it will be warm in the courtrooms. And some of the arrests were too totally ridiculous. A few cops have found that the doghouse is not very warm and comforting.

But, like Wisconsin, whose success was eloquently treated by Giles Goat Boy, Good Things Happen.... who just kept moving, just kept talking, just kept networking. How would you rate YOUR resolve towards the Occupy Movement?

And, if you want to and can, give us a synopsis of how your occupy seems to be faring.

Originally posted to glitterscale on Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 01:52 PM PST.

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