Polls are closed in South Carolina, and we're liveblogging the results of the Republican presidential primary.

Results: AP (statewide) | AP (by county) | CNN | Google | Politico

7:01 PM PT: Alright, guys, I'm calling it a night. Thanks for joining us, and thanks for sharing this awesome evening for the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama. High fives all around!

One last note, check out the results page at the NY Times here. Go down to the polling results at the bottom.

Of all the polling done in the race, the NY Times decides that only one meets its polling standards, a CNN poll. The results of that poll?

Romney 33, Gingrich 23.

Meanwhile, PPP, which didn't meet the NY Times bullshit standards:

Gingrich 40, Romney 26

Final results? Gingrich 40, Romney 27.

I love it that they're our pollster.

Goodnight, y'all!  

7:06 PM PT (David Nir): Half of South Carolina's delegates are awarded by congressional district, and media organizations have called 6 of the state's 7 CDs for Newt. (South Carolina just picked up a new CD in reapportionment this year.) The only one left uncalled is SC-01, where Beaufort County (likely a place Romney did relatively well) still hasn't reported a single vote.

7:14 PM PT (David Nir): Serious ganja break in Beaufort County. Aiken County finally came in (all as one dump), but it didn't affect the toplines.

7:16 PM PT (David Nir): So, what are your predictions for the Florida primary? Remember, Ron Paul says he doesn't plan to compete there. Rick Santorum, though, is dumb enough that he will.

7:21 PM PT (David Nir): Remember, there are also superdelegates to the Republican convention (albeit far fewer than on our side), which Dem Con Watch assiduously keeps track of. Newt picked up his first super the other day (Romney has 16, Santorum 1, Paul 0), but it'll be interesting to see where they go after tonight.

7:32 PM PT (David Jarman): That last outstanding county, Beaufort County, finally reported everything all at once, so we're basically done. This turned out to be Mitt Romney's best county in the state, where he beat Gingrich 44-35. That pushed the final statewide total down to Gingrich 40, Romney 28 (and may yet let Romney win the coastal 1st Congressional District, which would give Mitt 2 of the state's 25 delegates). Beaufort County, in case you're wondering, is probably the least 'southern' part of South Carolina; it's home to Hilton Head Island, and a lot of wealthy northeastern retirees.

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