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Last week Oke discussed the idea of creating a round robin quilt to auction in support of Netroots for the Troops (NFTT). Since time flies, I thought it would be a good idea to flesh that out a little farther and agree on a set of quilters and some ground rules for getting started.

First, to define terms, a round robin is a group project that usually starts with a center block and has borders built out from there. I offered a traditional example in comments last week. Here is another set that my group of 5 did last year.

Oke is offering a center from a t-shirt autographed by Lt. Dan Choi. The t-shirt has this logo:

Then someone would sew a solid or pieced border all around that. There could be several borders added.

Please join in discussion on this so we make community-based decisions. Here are things to consider:
1. Should we use the t-shirt or another piece of fabric or another quilt block as the center?

2. What drop-dead date is needed in order to get it quilted "on time." What is "on time"? Does it only need to be done and ready for the NN '12 in early June? I haven't been there so I don't know how that would be structured.

3. Given the deadline date for quilting, how many borders? On the two examples I showed you, each has a center and 4 borders. How long should each contributer have before sending on to the next? Probably need to assume a week for shipping time, each time, so that must be figured in.

4. Do we need "experienced" quilters/piecers to take this on, or is there room for beginners?

5. Do we need a rule set for the construction of borders? For example, in the 2 samples I showed you, the first border had to include triangles, the second applique, the third squares, and the fourth had no rule. Another rule was the maximum size (width) an added border could be. This helped limit the size of all of them to "wall-hanging" size.

6. Related to (5), do we need to purchase some amount of fabric that should be used in each of the borders, to be passed along with the work from one to another? Then individual contributers would add to what's purchased with pieces from their own stash.

7. Also related to (5), do we want a "goal" size for the finished product? Wall-hanging, lap-sized, twin bed sized?

8. Other questions? Other comments or ideas?

Again, to make this a community project, we need community input. Please chime in so we know what you're thinking. I'll try to summarize comments once there are some.

I'll be out for the first couple of hours this diary is up, but will be back later in the evening.  

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