The murder of a family's cat in Arkansas for apparent political reasons is one of the most nauseating stories I've read in a long time.

It also is a story filled with irony. The cat belonged to the campaign manager for Ken Aden, a Democrat running for a seat in the state's 3rd Congressional District. The word "liberal" was scrawled on the cat's body in paint, hinting that this was a "political hit."

If that proves to be the case, then it appears the perpetrator supports Republican incumbent Steve Womack. You probably will not be shocked by what we've learned about Womack's political credentials.

According to the Legal Schnauzer blog, Womack is a devout "pro life" and "family values" GOPer. From the Schnauzer:

In the 2010 campaign, Womack received an endorsement from the Arkansas Right to Life PAC. In a press release, Womack touted his "pro life" and "family values" stances:

In a letter addressed to Womack, Arkansas Right to Life President Wayne Mays said the endorsement was a reflection of Womack's unquestionable stance to protect lives threatened by abortion or euthanasia.

"We appreciate the values by which you live, the inspiration you provide those in your community, and the courage with which you stand up for the principles in which you believe," Mays said.

Womack, the Republican nominee for United States Congress in the third district of Arkansas, said, he was pleased to receive the Arkansas Right to Life endorsement.

"Protecting the unborn is a fundamental core value rooted in conservative leadership," Womack said. "I will continue to be a pro-life advocate, as well as other family values issues that speak directly to the principles honored by most Arkansans."

What about protecting the life of a cat that was a beloved pet to a family with four children? At least one Womack supporter apparently doesn't care so much about that.

Here is a CNN interview with Ken Aden, along with a statement from the Womack campaign:

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