I'm a pacifist. I guess it was the Vietnam War. So many dead and injured for life in so many ways and for what purpose? Since then I've seen one war after another, each horrific, and none justified. So Anti War songs have a particular power for me.

Hat tip to twigg for this dairy and inspiring me to write this column.

Song of the Week - "This is not the way we put an end to war"

Many of the songs I'm presenting were included in the comments of twigg's diary.

She led with Donovan. I'm going with Buffy St. Marie. Both videos can be found at the link above.

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Universal Soldier

Listen to what she says about who's responsible for war.

His orders come from
far away no more

They come from him
and you and me

In the comments I take the blame because I have not done enough to stop the killing.

Please continue to help me stop the killing.

Pete Seeger/ Where Have All The Flowers Gone

I just can't get enough of Pete and Arlo lately. Also performing is Pete's grandson Tao Rodriquez.

When will they ever learn?

This next one is from the comments of twiggs diary. It was new to me and it's a very powerful song with a strong anti war message.

Anthem - Leonard Cohen

He really says it here, "killers in high places say their prayers out loud." Leonard Cohen.

I can't run no more
with that lawless crowd
while the killers in high places
say their prayers out loud.
But they've summoned, they've summoned up
a thundercloud
and they're going to hear from me.

Ring the bells that still can ring ...

You can add up the parts
but you won't have the sum
You can strike up the march,
there is no drum
Every heart, every heart
to love will come
but like a refugee.

This next song was also posted in the comments of twigg's diary. I first learned about it when I started doing my Change The World With Music diaries years ago. When I first heard it I was profoundly moved and I wept. If you haven't heard it, listen through. It's moving.

Green Fields of France - Dropkick Murphy

Did you really believe that this war would end wars?
Well the suffering, the sorrow, the glory, the shame
The killing, the dying, it was all done in vain,
For Willie McBride, it all happened again,
And again, and again, and again, and again.
Eric Bogle wrote the song, Green Fields of France, also known as No Man's Land. Piet Chielens, coordinator of the In Flanders Fields War Museum in Ypres, Belgium, once checked all 1,700,000 names that are registered with the Commonwealth War Commission. He found no less than ten Privates William McBride.

 - fitzpado on Youtube

This song was also written by Eric Bogle.

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - John McDermott

And the band played Waltzing Matilda
When we stopped to bury our slain
Well we buried ours and the Turks buried theirs
Then it started all over again


Hairy Larry

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