I was out sick today so I have found little in video to show yet. I'm awaiting uploads.

The livestream set up was destroyed by police and about ten protesters were selectively arrested. Selectively as they were singled out by one officer and pulled from the crowd.

I guess the protesters celebrated the Arab Spring their way and the police decided to emulate the Egyptian police in their way of celebrating.

by Adam Rothstein

The night started peacefully, as activists met at Pioneer Square, and made speeches and shared food. They met to remember the one-year anniversary of the Egyptian uprising in Tahrir Square, in the center of Cairo. Today, in Egypt, protesters gathered once again in Tahrir to protest the continued repression by the interim government, controlled by the army...

...The march started up again, and though it was mostly on the sidewalk at this point, the police began selectively enforcing jaywalking ordinances, writing citations for particular individuals. When marchers objected vocally to the citations, saying it was unspecific and unclear what ordinances were being enforced, arrests began. Many police officers arrived, some wearing protective riot gear, and pushed the march up onto the sidewalk. Witnesses say that police grabbed peoples’ bicycles on the sidewalk, and began pulling at them. A boy was punched repeatedly by a police officer on the sidewalk, for reasons that were unclear. Livestream equipment was broken by police blows. Several protesters were detained, and some were arrested, others released. Witnesses report that the police were targeting individuals, on an unknown basis. “That one, there,” said an officer, pointing at a male protester who was then tackled and arrested. Several protesters were hit with fists and sticks while on the ground...

...At this point, police on horseback arrived. Rather than attempting to move the protesters on the statue, they moved against the protesters on the northernly sidewalk, pushing them back against the large security fences that still surround the park. Two women, including a Livestreamer, were arrested. They were thrown onto the ground, and then tossed into a van. One woman was forcibly slammed in the door of the van by officers, on purpose. The famous disco-trike, the music broadcasting unit of the Bike Swarm, was impounded and its rider arrested.

In police custody:

I guess the police were in a mood to continue the abuse of the public after gunning down a mentally ill man early this morning:


Community Oversight of Portland Police Bureau
Jamie Troy, Chair
Message: 503-823-0926  Fax: 503-823-3530  TTD: 503-823-6868
E-mail: crc@portlandoregon.gov

Jan. 26th, 6-8PM: Community Public Forum on Police Accountability


For Immediate Release January 17, 2012

The Citizen Review Committee (CRC), a nine-member volunteer committee appointed by the Portland City Council to monitor and advise the City Auditor’s Independent Police Review (IPR) division, hear appeals of police complaints and gather community concerns about police services in Portland, Oregon.

The CRC members are hosting a community forum to present information about their work to provide community oversight of the police and hear community input about police services. The forum will be facilitated and the notes from the forum will be posted to the IPR/CRC website.  Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact 503-823-0926 or crc@portlandoregon.gov .

The IPR/CRC website is http://www.portlandoregon.gov/... .

WHAT:  Community Public Forum on Police Accountability

WHEN:  Thursday, January 26, 2012 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

WHERE:  East Portland Community Center 740 SE 106th Ave, Portland 97216

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