On Wednesday, January 25th, Gov. Scott Walker gave his State of the State address. It really wasn't a great speech, in fact, it was just down-right bad. Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) gave her thoughts about the governor's speech, and was also asked about running for governor:

Vinehout is considering challenging Walker in the upcoming recall election. Maybe I am biased (she is my state senator), but I believe that she would make an excellent governor. She is a smart, caring hard-working farmer, who is a genuinely good person.

CentralWIGuy wrote this about Vinehout in a comment on vacilando's recent diary:

-Aside from Russ Feingold and maybe Dave Obey, she has the greatest ability to engage independent and centrist rural Republicans to voting Democratic in the governor recall.
-Her background involves much more private sector experience than Walker.
-Her degrees outbalance anything Walker has to offer.
-She has the ability to connect with farmers and small business owners.
-She has connections with local government.
-She is NOT from Madison or Milwaukee.
-Senate recall elections are likely to occur at the same time.  Two districts in central Wisconsin will be up.  The neighboring 23rd and also the 29th.  Having a rural candidate on the top of the ticket is likely to help down ballot for Moulton's and Galloway's opponents.
-I've met her... and she is as engaging, intelligent, and comfortable as you see in the videos (if not more) and others have described having met her in person.
-She uses a reasoned, balanced approach in her work as a Senator, which will be help as Governor.
-She won in the 2010 Republican landslide against Tommy Thompson's brother.
-She does not carry any negative connotation as she does NOT have big name recognition across the state.....  YET!

We need a fresh face to take on Walker. We need a consensus-builder to heel the wounds that Walker gave us. Kathleen Vinehout is that person.


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