They've been planning it for a month and a half now. Occupying an entire building at an as-yet-undisclosed location in downtown Oakland, while having a shitload of fun doing it. At least that's the plan.  

From what I've seen tweeted peeps are coming from all over California and beyond to participate.

Will Mayor Quan show up, groove with the bands and eat free food? Or will she send in the Oakland Police First Amendment Suppression 600? Or both?

The weather is cooperating; sunny and warm is the forecast for Saturday. Whatever happens, it's going to be a Hella Day tomorrow.

Come on down.

Find the entire weekend schedule here. This is just a synopsis:

SATURDAY JAN 28: Move-in Day

 12-1pm : Rally at Oscar Grant Plaza

 1pm: March to the space led by OO sound truck

 2-5 pm: Move in time. help set up & settle into OO's new occupied social center! Music, poetry, know-your-rights and foreclosure defense workshops.

 5-6 pm: Dinner provided by the OO kitchen committee

 6-9 pm: Building orientation & assembly

 9-11pm: OO Film Festival featuring documentary shorts

 11pm-sleepy time: music and entertainment

 Ongoing: Outside Bus Show featuring local bands in the OO Bus

SUNDAY JAN 29: Conference Day

 8-11am: Breakfast, Coffee & Morning Workshops

 11-1pm: First round of panels & discussions, Oakland schools, Arab Spring

 1-2 pm: BBQ & Voices of Liberation Rally

 2-4 pm: Second round of panels & discussions on police repression, capitalism, indigenous struggles

 4-6 pm: Third round of panels & discussions on Oakland radical history, labor, and relationship between gender, sexuality and political violence.

 6-7pm: Dinner provided by the OO kitchen committee

 7-9pm: Occupy Oakland Sunday General Assembly

 9-12pm: Concert, Poetry & Films

 Ongoing: Outside Bus Show


4:04 PM PT: Seems like Occupy UC Davis has done its own building Move In:

Davis – Approximately 50 protestors have reoccupied the former Cross CulturalCenter January 24 at the University of California, Davis. For now, this is where the UCD Occupy movement is headquartered.


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