So Mitt Romney isn't the only Republican presidential candidate bankrolled by a very, very small subset of the very, very wealthy. Check out this chart put together by TPM.

super pac donors
The bottom line here, a relative handful of individuals contributed massive amounts to comprise almost all of the funding of these Super PACs. Here's the breakdown of what percentage of the Super PACs' funding came from donors giving in the six figures: Make Us Great Again (Rick Perry)—86.59 percent; Our Destiny PAC (Jon Huntsman)—87.19 percent; Winning Our Future (Newt Gingrich)—96.14 percent; and Endorse Liberty (Ron Paul)—88.23 percent. Don't cry for poor little Ricky Santorum. His Red White and Blue Fund has the lowest percentage of $100K plus donors, just 79.59. And Romney? Just "58 donations of over $100,000 given to the super PAC made up 82.59 percent of its intake during the second half of 2011."

And don't you just love how inclusive these Super PAC names are? "Restore Our Future." "Make Us Great Again." But looking at these numbers, you don't have to wonder who's future and destiny they're talking about, who is going to be made great again under a Republican president. A hint: It wouldn't to be the 99 percent.

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