So Komen is desperately hoping that they have capped their gushing PR disaster by making conciliatory statements about Planned Parenthood.

Uh, no. The pendulum has simply swung the other way.

Pro-lifers are furious. Below are a few examples from Komen's Facebook Wall:

You should send back every single dollar you have raised in the last 24 hours because of your deceptive bait and switch techniques. The anger and vile things said to you in the media, on your facebook wall, etc should affirm your lack of support for the pro abortion, pro black genocide, pro eugenics of pp and its demonic founder Mrs. Sanger.


Very dissapointed!!! I will never walk for SGK for the Cure to raise money that you will then in return give to an organization that takes the lives of innocent babies! I guess I can put my checkbook back in the drawer since that check I was going to write to you is no longer going out!


*Log onto your credit card company and dispute your donation citing misrepresentation. It's a two minute process. ***. Let PP do their own fundraising


I will continue to not buy your products or give you a dime of my money. Shame on your for caving in.

Whatever Komen does at this point, they're in deep doo-doo.

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