From one of my least favorite Congressmen (and even though it's a long list he's probably Top 10), Pete Joekstra (R-Scared White People, North of Mason-Dixon Line Division).

Joekstra polluted the airwaves in MI on Super Bowl Sunday running this ad before and during the game.

There are a lot of things offensive with this ad. First, it's obviously offensive to Asian-Americans, and specifically Chinese-Americans. Second, the actress seemed a little confused...if you're going to do racial stereotyping, do it right. She is a little too polished, not nearly FOB enough.

Finally, it's hilarious that the GOP would criticize Dems on spending, since 2000 they took a surplus and turned it into a $15T deficit.

In typical GOP fashion, the original version has disabled both comments and voting. The version I've embedded does. So, you know what to do there, although I expect the link to get pulled before too long.

I'll leave you with this little offering from Bill Maher, proving again the GOP is the crazy party.

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