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Accused whistleblower deserves the prize for casting light on war crimes committed in Iraq, nomination states

The Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Peace Research (OCCPR) announced on Tuesday that it has nominated US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In its nomination, OCCPR stated that it chose Bradley Manning because of his alleged role in leaking documents and other evidence of war crimes, corruption and lies related to the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the notorious “collateral murder” video (downloadable online at www.collateralmurder.org) which US forces firing on unarmed Iraqi civilians, members of the press and children.

“Bradley Manning should have received full whistle-blower protections for his actions but instead has served 19 months in prison without a trial, including 10 months spent in solitary confinement,” said James M. Branum, OCCPR Legal Director.

“We understand that PFC Manning will be placed on a military show-trial, where his guilt will be determined by a ‘jury’ hand-picked by the very command that is accusing him. We have no doubt that, absent international pressure, PFC Manning will be found guilty and sentenced to life in prison or possibly even given the death penalty, without a hint of justice applied in his case. We have made this nomination in the hopes that it might lead to renewed attention and concern given to his plight.”

OCCPR has exhibited its support for Manning since news of his arrest was first announced, holding a number of rallies and advocacy events on his behalf. “Because Bradley is an Oklahoma native, we feel a special responsibility to show that there are Oklahomans who support him, seek his freedom and will continue to work for his cause,” said Rena Guay OCCPR Executive Director. “We have spoken to media from around the world about our interest in the Manning case, because the whole
world is watching what the United States will do to someone who they believe has exposed secrets about war crimes, diplomatic doublespeak and policy hypocrisy.”

OCCPR was founded in 2004 and works to increase understanding of conscientious objection and resistance to war. Its founders include religious and veteran groups; its fiscal sponsor is Joy Mennonite Church of Oklahoma City.

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