The ILWU has issued a press release:

Longshore workers name Occupy Movement as crucial in settlement with EGT

For Immediate Release
February 11, 2012

Longshore workers name Occupy Movement as crucial in settlement with EGT

Coordinated action by West Coast Occupys proves effective as ILWU Local 21 ratifies contract

Longview, WA –  On Friday, members of the ILWU and the labor community named the Occupy Movement as key to the settlement reached Thursday between ILWU Local 21 and the Export Grain Terminal (EGT). The contract finally provides for the use of ILWU labor in the grain terminal at the Port of Longview. After staging the December 12 port shutdowns in solidarity with Local 21, the West Coast Occupy Movement planned coordinated action together with labor allies for a land and water blockade of the EGT ship in Longview, should it attempt to use scab labor to load. Occupys in states where EGT's parent company Bunge has its growth and operations were also planning actions against the company on the day of the arrival of the ship.

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Indeed, the Export Grain Terminal representatives insisted that their agreement be broadcast to the Occupy Movement.

EGT itself made evident the company's concern about Occupy's role in the conflict in the January 27 settlement agreement: "The ILWU Entities shall issue a written notice to The Daily News and the general public, including the Occupy Movement, informing them of this settlement and urging them to cease and desist from any actions[...]."
One suspects the Port of Oakland didn't get the message and this accounts for the effort to aggravate relationships by having the City Council pass more restrictive resolutions to put the Occupiers in their place.  Or, as Breitbart would say, make them "behave."
"It was the brave action of members of Local 21 blocking the train tracks this past summer that inspired the solidarity of the Occupy Movement up and down the West Coast and around the country. It was not until Occupy joined together with Local 21 and its labor allies that the company returned to the table. Governor Gregoire did nothing but let EGT raid Longshore Jurisdiction until Occupy responded to the call for support," said Paul Nipper of Occupy Longview.
That may sound harsh, but as Justice Anthony Kennedy insists, it is the people who enforce the laws, especially when those they designate fall down on the job. Letting public officials be directed by pollsters and lobbyists is probably not a good idea.  Pollsters are out to make a living, not serve the general welfare. That the squeaky wheel gets the grease can't be helped.

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