[UPDATE: Didn't expect this to be on the Rec List, but I do hope it a.) makes its point and the management hears, and b.) raises some small change for some good folks listed below. Thanks to all who edged this onto the Rec list!]

Markos has initiated Operation Hilarity, an attempt to screw with Republican primaries. I get the humor and I get the potential practical outcome. I hesitate to dis Kos (pun came to me in a vision probably sent by forcibly converted Mormons!) on his own site, but I have to say that there are SO MANY better things we could put our time and money into right now than playing games with a Republican Primary that has already, without our time or money, become an embarrassing circus for the Republicans.

Let them tear themselves apart and let's take those $5+ donations Kos wants directed to this silly lark and channel them into some seriously effective efforts instead. Let's not mess with them. Let's prepare the ambush for when they come to after their primary and realize we are ready for them...

My take: why bother messing with the Republican primary? This would be effort and money MUCH better spent on things like...

Supporting Progressive Majority Candidates...This is an organization that has a better than 50% record at electing real progressives to local office and setting them up for higher office. We already are benefiting from their early efforts, including in the last Wisconsin Recall!


Supporting the Wisconsin State Senate candidates in the upcoming special elections...We can really win the majority here, but only with some hard effort. We have good candidates and their chances on paper are actually better than last time around!


Supporting Alan Grayson...Let's get this real progressive voice BACK IN OFFICE! Damn, the guy just sent out emails referencing the Hitchhikers' Guide! What more could you want in a politician??


Orange to Blue 2012...On MarKos's own ground there are better things for us to spend our donations. There are great candidates on the Orange to Blue list. Give to them rather than to the silly Operation Hilarity.

PLEASE give to one of these causes (or something similar...let us know YOUR better suggestion!) rather than the "Operation Hilarity" effort.

Sorry, Oh Mighty MarKos (only half snarky!). But please lead us to better things!

Okay...if I am making it slowly up the Rec list (from bottom to middle at the moment) let me plug my son singing Tom Lehrer's the Element's Song (best part is at the end!)

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