Congress got a payroll tax deal. The white House got a victory. Workers got the gold mine and the unemployed and poor got the shaft.

Times are still hard but you would not know it from the payroll tax compromise in Congress. Not all details are known but the summary seems to indicate a payroll tax cut  will be funded by the unemployed. To throw the republican party a bone they are even going to allow the zealots to require drug testing.

I am not on unemployment and have a job. No one asked me if I wanted to take a few extra bucks and require those people without a job to not only pay for my small savings,but be further humiliated by taking a drug test? I do have a few questions.

How do you save money when there is the cost of a drug test? Who pays for this test? Knowing the idiots who proposed such a horrible idea, the cost will be deducted from their already shrinking check. What happens if someone fails a drug test? How did we get from possible extension of unemployment benefits to now cutting off weeks from those benefits.    

This is the same bunch that privatized our prison system and passed legislation to keep those people in prison longer. Seems we have to take care of those terrific prison landlords. Maybe they have combined the two? Soon we may see a new law,fail a drug test and not only lose your benefits but face a mandatory prison sentence.

The bad ideas just keep happening. Did anyone ask me if an extra $25 a month is worth adding to the suffering of so many who have already suffered enough? Did they ask you?

Note: This is my first diary so please play nice.

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