Generally, I hate this kind of diary, so apologies in advance. But there are so many diaries ranting about Operation Hilarity and purporting to represent all or even a majority of this site, that I had to pipe up, as if my opinion was just as universally significant.

I don't give a fig really about OH because I don't live in one of the affected states. I live in Oklahoma, and frankly,  I have bigger worries than who's going to win the GOP ugly contest.

That said, I agree with Booman, who, alas, doesn't seem to have posted his take on OH here on DK -- perhaps he thought it would get lost in the sea of oyster spit.

It's not complicated. The Republicans have decided to hold open primaries in several upcoming states (Michigan, North Dakota, Tennessee and Vermont). What does that mean? It means that anyone can vote in their primaries. You don't have to be registered as a Republican to vote. In other words, you are invited to vote in the Republican primary. If you choose not to because you aren't a Republican, that's your choice. It's like turning down a dinner invitation because you hate the hosts. But showing up isn't unethical. It won't subvert the democratic process. It's not even a dirty trick. They asked you to come. If they didn't want your opinion, they would have closed the primary.

12:53 PM PT: Good grief, people, do NOT recommend this shitty diary. The last thing we need is more of this crap on the (aptly named today) wreck list.

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