Before we decide to go or not to go to war with Iran, please take 20 minutes to watch this TED Talk about a 2,600 year old document that rivals the US Constitution for its devotion to religious tolerance and empire-building technique. The thread the historian Neil MacGregor weaves through the ages is fascinating, and it may color your opinion of the context of current events.

Imagine a document that tells how King Cyrus of Persia (Iran) conquered Babylon (Iraq) and liberated the Israelites and all others who had been enslaved there to return to thier homelands to re-establish their temples to their gods. This true story is also told from the Israelite point-of-view in Hebrew scripture.

Yes, Iran help re-establish a homeland for Jews in Israel/Palestine 2,600 years ago.

I'm not suggesting that it should be decisive in the question of going to war, but I do think that we should at least be aware of the historic context as we make such a decision.

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