HR 6691: The Spread Your Legs Act of 2012 - Amends the Immigration Code to allow a vaginal probing in the event of suspected anchor baby importation or extra state termination.
Sponsor: Not named since they might be victimized by the communist fascist state.

The bill further states:

All women entering or leaving the United States no matter of what declared nationality shall submit themselves to ultrasonic investigation at the frontier to ascertain their state of being. When leaving or entering the country they will be examined a second time to ascertain their continued state. Presentation of a newborn will not deem secondary evaluation moot.
To maintain a proper data base.
It has been determined that bi-weekly probing will be sufficient to maintain an accurate database.
Executive summary
Whilst we fervently support limited government this vaginal intrusion has been deemed to be of limited interference. In the spirit of openness, all data relating to those probed will be available online.
We hope this Act will be seen positively by the global community.


The Department of Tourism
The Department of Immigration
The Pope.

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