This is turning out to be an election that is being shaped by Liberal comedians. After Stewart and Colbert killed the Virginia "transvaginal" ultrasound abortion bill there, now Bill Maher steps up to mock Super Pacs even more so that the Steven Colbert Super Pac joke with a $1 million personal donation to Obama. The donation was announced last night at the conclusion of his hourlong special "CrazyStupidPolitics," which was streamed live on Yahoo.com.

Reaching into his own pocket for a $1,000,000 donation to the Obama Super Pac, Maher said an Obama victory over any of the Republican contenders was "worth a million dollars" and described the donation as  "the wisest investment I think I could make." He encouraged other wealthy donors to give to the group as well.

You can watch the entire webcast here:

10:58 AM PT: Thanks for the Rec's

Bill Maher Donates $1 Million To Obama Super PAC
A Million Dollar Joke?
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