In this video you will see the officer approach Ben Egerman, ask for him by name, and then proceed to arrest him. The police do not understand that within Occupy we are all leaders. Arresting those that they perceive as those in charge in hope of slowing or breaking the movement only brings more Occupiers and more events. This is not their Mothers protest movement but a movement based on crowd sourcing and individuals discovering they have had enough and must do something constructive to correct the problem. The travesty that is the foreclosure crisis is a perfect example of people joining together to fight the evil of unbridled greed.

Occupy Homes MN organizer Ben Egerman was arrested without warning for picketing outside a US Bank branch asking that they negotiate with homeowner Monique White and stop her eviction. The banks are clearly targeting people they perceive to be leaders and it seems the police are happy to do their bidding.

We will not be intimidated. We will not stop defending homeowners like Monique from eviction at the hands of banks, who should be helping us to rebuild our communities, not tear them apart.

We shall not be moved.

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