This diary is going to be short and sweet, because this is one of the simplest ways for us to show our support to Sandra Fluke.

As you've all been following, Sandra Fluke is the Georgetown Law student who was refused by Darrell Issa's ridiculous He-Man Woman Hater's Club masquerading as a Congressional Hearing on Contraception and whether employers run by religious groups should follow the laws of the land.  When Nancy Pelosi invited her to address a minority-convened panel, the Republican leadership of the House blocked televised testimony, which guaranteed even more interest in the hearing.

Then Rush Limbaugh proceeded to make a series of vicious, ugly, personal attacks toward Sandra Fluke over three solid days of broadcasting, because Sandra Fluke had the unmitigated gall to have an opinion about something Rush Limbaugh disagreed with while possessing ladyparts.

My suggested Action Item to my fellow Kossacks is simple.  I would like each of you with a twitter account to Follow Sandra Fluke.  Follow me past the Great Orange Pastry to find out why you should do so.

Right now (as I write this) Sandra Fluke has 21,131 Followers on twitter.  Fluke is a Georgetown Law student who none of us had ever heard of before she was snubbed by Issa and his All Boy Club.  In contrast, Rush Limbaugh, who has been broadcasting nationally for many, many, many years, has 36,640 twitter Followers.  That means Fluke already has more than half the Followers than Limbaugh has, and I'm sure most of them are as shiny and new to her stream as I am.

I would like Fluke to have more followers than Rush Limbaugh.  Wouldn't that be a nice serving of hot pwnag3 to the gaseous one?  Of course it would.  So go to twitter and Follow Sandra Fluke right now.  It shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds to log in (if you have to) and click the Follow button.

And if you don't already have a twitter account?  Well, this is a great reason to set one up.

You may have noticed that she's added 80 followers in between the time I took the snapshot above and finished out this Diary.  Make yourself the 81st, or better yet, be the one to put her over 37,000 followers.

Thank you.


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