After seeing a black blot in the lower right part of Mitt Romney's American flag lapel pin for the last several months I decided to try to figure out what was going on with that.

(note: I'm not sure how to post the pic directly.  Link is to a close up photo of it.)

Follow me over the orange splotch for the details.

My first search turned up a thread where someone had asked the same question on reddit that came up with some interesting and entertaining theories.

Perhaps that part of the flag has been redacted?-:

However none of those suggestions were very convincing to me so I searched on.

I stumbled upon this article from the Jacksonville debate in January.

Apparently that black blotch is a GOP elephant.  

I guess it makes sense that Romney is so desperate to show how severely conservative he is that he'll deface an American flag with that symbol.

But, just, Wow.  Can you imagine if Democrats had started this trend, what kind of backlash there would be?  I don't want to impose restrictions on anyone's rights to free speech, but stamping THE American symbol with any other symbol is questionable enough for someone who prides themselves on their patriotism.

And to use THAT symbol to mark our flag with?!  When I think of the GOP I think of people who openly, proudly, hold our government in contempt and disdain.  

I honestly can't understand how Republicans can be such consistent hypocrites without going clinically insane.

(Or, maybe Romney is just advocating to represent the REAL America, the one with the Tea Party agenda, represented by an American flag with a freaking black elephant on it.)

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