First, One must wonder what kind of woman would even listen to hateful men like Rush.
Second, Why do right-wing women hate themselves?

Martin Bashir on MSNBC is a super spokes person for the left and President Obama. He is married and the father of two daughters and has been all over the GOP and Rush's attacks on women. Yesterday he shared this with his viewers:

Bashir: Meet the Limbaugh fan who hates me

Martin:  "A wounded beast like the gop is bound to lash out in the most unpredictable of ways when it sees itself being outdated and its on view of freedom outdated. that's nothing compared to the wrath of one caller when yours truly dared to speak his name."

 A voicemail from an angry Rush Limbaugh fan who says Rush is a “real man” and Martin is a “girly man.”

wimp, martin bashir . girly man. little transvestite girl. he's a wimp. he is afraid of women. this pervert. pervert. his wife had five abortions. we love rush limbaugh . he's a real the little wimpy wuss martin bashir

If this is the norm for a Republican woman (listen to the video) No wonder the GOP men are so desperate to Get and Control The Rest Of Us- they need a better class of females..OY

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