I have been pondering a post for a very, VERY long time.  After weeks of on-going slams I can personally relate to - I have decided to finally let it out.  Before I start venting let me give you a little background...

I'm not the smartest person when it comes to political issues but I do know what I believe in.  I ask questions.  I am a complex person and thinker.  I like to think I am a very open-minded person.  I was brought up with the "Treat others how you would like to be treated" thought in the front of my heart and mind.  It does bother me when people put themselves infront of everyone else and I try my best not to do that.  

In college - one of my classes was Political Science - I had to take this because I wanted to be a journalist.  I thought I would hate the class but ended up really enjoying it - ONLY because of the professor - who happened to also be a NYS Political Figure and Democrat.  This was a very challenging class for me but he made it very interesting and I learned a lot from the man.

Up until about 4 years ago - I considered myself a VOTER and not 'set' in a political party, per say.  On paper - I first registered as a Libertarian ONLY because I couldn't find the "Independent" option.  A few years later - I updated my info and Independent WAS on my list of options - so I switched.  Again...mostly because...in order to vote you had to pick something and I didn't really feel I was part of a party.  Back then...I was sort of anti-big-party politics...or perhaps I was just in denial...or maybe it was a coming-of-age-political-story...not real sure.  (I did, however, almost always vote Democratic)  Regardless...years later I wanted - for the first time in my life - to vote in the primaries - in my state...I had to belong to a BIG Party.  I chose Democrat - since I have always been far-from Republican.  BUT...you know what?  Now...4 years later...I have determined it was the Republicans that made me switch my party to Democrat.  (YUP!  Thanks to the W's, Rush/Hannity/Beck/Savages of the world!)

Oddly, I am surrounded by Republicans and often get so frustrated - I just want some common ground, ya know?  I tend to spew my thoughts - sometimes in an inappropriate spot.  I'm hoping this will be an outlet and a safe haven of sorts.

So...this...is...The Rise Of "The Vent"...

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