I had the opportunity to watch some FOX News Channel last night (O'Reilly, Hannity, Van Sustern) and I realized just how insular the dialogue in the conservative media has been.  

I guess it's nothing new for them to go by their own facts, but they're so demonstrably false on this that they don't seem to realize how they're shooting themselves in the foot.

A)  It is actually cheaper for an insurance company offer birth control because of the costs of pregnancy.  

So the argument that 'we' are paying for them to have sex doesn't make any sense.

B)  No one else is paying for that insurance except the customer.

Again, the argument that 'we' are paying for them to have sex doesn't make any sense.

C)  Here's the most important thing I think we have to inject into the national dialogue on this issue:  Men need to put themselves in the position of a woman.  

Every man needs to ask themselves; what if you were in a position where you may be raped and as a result of that rape you may become pregnant with a fetus.  

Isn't it prudent to protect yourself, and that potential person who would be the product of a rape, from having an unwanted pregnancy forced upon you?

I just read a poll that women have shifted from 46-42 (democrat-republican) to 51-36.  That is wonderful news, but that only means that one out of 20 women have switched from republican to democrat.  

If those FOX News watchers were able to acknowledge that A) it is economically more efficient for a woman to choose a health insurance plan that provides contraception and B) they are the ones paying for their own insurance, not 'you', then C) doesn't it only make sense to allow women to protect themselves from the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy - resulting from being RAPED!!!?

The only argument I can possibly fathom is the Rick Santorum stance that God wanted you to be raped so you should carry the child.

Which begs the question, how do you puncture the Right-wing bubbles of disinformation?



God doesn't want health insurance providers to offer women contraception because God wants women who are raped to get pregnant.

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