For those who think they Jeb will be the knight who drops in and saves the day for the GOP...they might want to think that thought again.  How many have seen this video?  Here is proof
that Rush Limbaugh IS hard to take down but not impossible.  He has some mighty powerful BEST friends.
 The war on women is real and it has legs.If more republicans take over ..women lose ,,period ......everyone will be more disenfranchised because the nominees have not even smacked him.  Want to know why the republicans are afraid of Rush?  Well.. I just saw a video I had never seen.  
Listen to who calls in and who is with the caller and what they have to say to Rush.
Listen to  Two former Presidensts and a former governor using W say  WE APPRECIATE all you have done..Your excellent broadcasting..Your good friends here....Yeah...they approved his message.  Bush has approved Mittens
message and now and the other side dared to  talk about palling around with terrorists.  Who endorses a man and a man IMO a domestic terrorist who incites hate and cheers the fall of America.
and listens to a man and praises a man who wants America to fail.  Twenty years of tearing half of America down and this is who has Rush by his side.  This phone call came in 08 but he has probably gathered more power by now.  This is why he is on Armed Services Radio.  A Former CIA Director, former President in Bush I, a war monger who lied us into endless wars Bush II and Jeb who has aspirations of the presidency himself.  This man has connections that just sponsors going away won't shut up.  We should have declared war on right wing hate speech a long time ago.  They approve of this man's message to the public.  We have had an autracity in Afghanistan today and how much hate fueled this guy?  I had signed a petition and casually said Rush was Tokyo Rose, well guess what, I sure don't recognize this country anymore with this kind of entertainer being praised for his bigotry, racism, sexism, and rooting for the failure of America as long as this president and this party is in power.
This man's ties are further up than we know and his agenda is more than broadcasting IMO.  He is almost single handed destroying America.  What about the leadership and every leader with a R beside their name.  He may be the MAN behind the curtain.  I wonder.

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