O'Keefe has once again committed voter fraud:

The video, a sequel to O'Keefe's "Primary of the Living Dead" in New Hampshire, shows a Veritas agent entering various voting places around the state of Vermont, giving a different name each time. Each time, he is given a ballot without showing an ID, to his disbelief.
So two states now, voter fraud.

Yeah, it's a crime.

UPDATE: When you commit a crime you should be arrested, prosecuted, and if found guilty... punished.

This already happened to O'Keefe when he plead guilty to a crime.

Update 5:29 pm: Regarding that crime... according to this FBI Press Release O'Keefe is on 3 years probation:

NEW ORLEANS—Joseph Basel, 24; Stan Dai, 25; Robert Flanagan, 24; and James O’Keefe, 25, pleaded guilty today in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Daniel E. Knowles, III, to one-count of entering federal property under false pretenses, announced the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana. As a result of their conviction, Basel, Dai, and Flanagan were each ordered to pay a $1,500 fine, placed on two years’ probation, and serve 75 hours of community service within the first year of probation; O’Keefe was ordered to pay a $1,500 fine, placed on three years’ probation, and serve 100 hours of community service within the first year of probation.
Committing Voter Fraud is some odd community service...

Update 6:07 pm: From the Burlington Free Press:

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos is calling for a criminal investigation into an undercover video that purports to show individuals misrepresenting their identities being allowed to vote in last week’s elections in Vermont, including the presidential primary. Election officials followed the law, Condos said; it's the video producers who committed fraud.

The video, produced under the name of Andrew Breitbart protege James O’Keefe, appears to have been taken at one or more voting precincts in Chittenden County. In it, a man’s voice introduces himself to people handling the voter checklist. He provides a name and apologizes for not having his ID. The checklist official then tells him he doesn’t need to show ID to vote and provides him a ballot.

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