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Despite Rush Limbaugh's claims that sponsors are flocking to him and his slut crusade against Sandra Fluke is actually a nasty, evil plot by President Obama and the Left and "Mao Tse-tung admirer" Anita Dunn to make Republicans look bad, a new poll from Public Policy Polling for Daily Kos & SEIU paints a different picture.

Bottom line? Everyone hates Rush Limbaugh.

Q: Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh?

Favorable: 26
Unfavorable: 58
Not sure: 16

That unfavorable view of Rush is held by a majority of women and men and independents and moderates and every age group and almost every economic group and every region of the country. Just about the only people who don't hate Rush are, no surprise, Republicans, conservatives and teabaggers.

And as for Rush's excuse for attacking Sandra Fluke? You know, that Rush Limbaugh was used like a cheap whore to damage the Republican Party? And besides, if she weren't such a slut, he wouldn't have had to call her a slut? Yeah, that's not going over too well either.

Q: Did you think the comments Rush Limbaugh made about Sandra Fluke last week were appropriate or inappropriate?

Appropriate: 16
Inappropriate: 70
Not sure: 14

That includes Republicans and conservatives, by the way. Even the groups who have a favorable view of Rush didn't approve of his attacks on Ms. Fluke.

These numbers aren't exactly surprising. As Hunter reported earlier this month, a Harris Poll found Rush Limbaugh to be the least liked political pundit in the nation:

Out of a list of 26 news and punditry fixtures, 46 percent of all respondents picked Rush Limbaugh as their "least favorite."
And that poll was conducted before Rush attacked Sandra Fluke. Clearly, his attacks on Ms. Fluke didn't exactly boost his popularity.

But you go ahead, Rush, and keep attacking women and then blaming those mean Democrats and their Jedi mind tricks for setting you up to look like the ginormous gasbag of fail you are. It's working so well for you.

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