Note: I changed my original title of this diary from "Breaking: Walker and Kleefisch Recall Is On" because I can't find verification of my original story which is below. I picked up this news from Politiscoop at around 1:00 pm, who cited Northland News Center. It is 3:00 pm and I am not seeing it elsewhere, including on the GAB website, so it is worth skepticism... (sorry, that's all I know right now!) On the other hand, there is great news echoing from numerous sources that the egregious Mining Bill is dead, due in part to Galloway's announced resignation from office. That is even better news!

Happy Dance #2: And, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that Justice "Choker" Prosser has had formal ethics violations filed against him for his alleged violence towards a female colleague. He could be reprimanded, censured, suspended without pay or removed from office. This is unlikely, since he sits on the high court that will ultimately need to decide his fate, but it is nevertheless good to see due process still weakly breathing.


Another "Friday news dump!" ...Wisconsin's extremist rightwing tea bagger governor and lt. governor, Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch are officially "recalled" ("recalled to election"). Not that we had any doubt that our 1 million signatures would stand up to scrutiny...

According to Politiscoop:

There was little doubt that recall organizers had collected enough signatures to bring Gov. Scott Walker up for recall, but now that the process has been found to have enough signatures, state Democrats can focus on reclaiming the state of Wisconsin. Galloway's sudden resignation means her name will not be appearing on the ballot as a recall candidate because ten days have not passed since the certification of recall petitions against her.

Wisconsin Statute reads:
Interim Position of Incumbent: If the officeholder resigns after the completion ofthe petitioner's registration, but before the filing of the petition, or before the primary or election, the recall proceeds unaffected. However, the time of resignation may affect whether the resigned officeholder appears on the ballot. If the
officeholder resigns more than 10 days after the date of certification of the recall petition, the resigned officeholder remains on the ballot for the recall primary or recall election. §9.10(3)(c), Wis. Stats.

If the officeholder does not resign, he or she continues to perform the duties of the office. If the incumbent is defeated at the recall election, he or she continues to perform the duties until a certificate of election is issued to the successor. §9.10(5)(b), Wis. Stats.

Maybe a few others will be resigning before they face the indignation of an abused electorate!

I'm finishing an extra "E" right now for Overpass Light Brigade. We have an action plan for tonight, bringing out JOHN DOE on a beautiful footbridge, and we've been waiting to add the "E-D" to our original "RECALL" - as suggested by a number of Kossacks early on. We're being joined by Milwaukee Molotov Marchers, and will be live streaming as well... Nothing like a little Bridge Party!


Cheers, everyone! Happy "News Dump Day" and keep up the struggle!


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