Now tell me,

"Do you find it intrusive?"

Now have your doctor do it, don't bother trying to say "no", your rights have been quashed. Watch the pretty pictures.

How are you feeling? Did you "close" your eyes? "Shame on you!", or did you just lie back and think of American Jesus.

Now your doctor says.

"Everything is just fine. As for the Viagra, we now have to show you a series of photographs as proof positive that this treatment is required. We will now pose you a series of embarrassing questions and accompanying shaming statements. Gosh, the governor really wants to ask that one?"

Since he/she [yes, some doctors happen to be from the enemy ranks] is now allowed to lie, even when he/she knows "that everything is not OK" since this might effect your decisions in the future. Would you feel somewhat shamed?

Goddammit, don't you know the theocratic state is good for you? Just so long it is controlled by the right people? That means every sperm should have its fair chance to be appropriately sowed, after all masturbation will make you go blind and could result in charges of "Crimes against humanity".

How stark staring bonkers does this have to get, it has gone well beyond the bounds of satire and become positivity Orwellian, imagine O'Brien armed with a vaginal probe.

How far do the have to go before right wing women say "wait, it now affects me, my daughters, my granddaughters?", or is it just about the own personal power and fame? I wouldn't hold your breath, it appears power trumps all.

In the meantime, if they keep going it should result in a landslide in November, then again, I won't hold my breath.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sat Mar 17, 2012 at 01:44 AM PDT.

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