Sir Sweater-vest Santorum thinks it is all well and good for a woman who was raped to be punished for the rest of her life for it.

Can anyone do some background research and see if he tortured and killed small animals as a child? Perhaps there are skeletons in the closet we can find since this man is obviously lacking empathy to sociopathic levels. This  amount of cruelty and indifference to the suffering of others is not the normal state in a human. We need to make sure that gems such as these are pointed out as the rantings of someone lacking the mental soundness needed to function on a social level in any environment outside of a psychiatric facility for the violently insane.

Per request I'm slogging through this to get the transcript. Here is the first thirty seconds. He does not enunciate well and that combined with my information processing disorder means I will mangle what is being said even more than usual:

Interviewer: On abortion you did harden your position on that as you got older. Why was that?

Santorum: Well. Um.  Er. Wife. Ya Know. (Mumbling) When I decided to run for public life I was informed very quickly people wanted to know what my position on that was. So I actually went through the process of trying to better understand the facts. It became very clear to me that life begins at conception. And persons are covered by the Constitution And since life is a people human life is the same as a person to me it was pretty simple deduction to make that was what the Constitution clearly intended to protect.

Interviewer: Do you really believe? Let me ask you this. Do you really believe in every case it should be totally wrong? In the sense that, I know you believe even in cases of rape and incest. You've got two daughters. If you had a daughter that came to you that had been raped. And was pregnant. And was begging you to let her have an abortion. Would you really look at her in the eye and say no? As her father?

Santorum: I would. I would do what every father must do is try and counsel your daughter to do the right thing.

Interviewer: It's almost impossibly hypothetical thing to ask you but there will be people in that position who well may share your religious values.

Santorum (talking over the interviewer):
It is not a matter of religious values.

Interviewer: And they're looking at their daughter saying "How can I deal with this?, because if I make her have this baby. Isn't it just going to ruin her life?

Well you can make the argument that if she doesn't have this baby. If she kills her child. (smiles) Then that to could ruin her life. And this is not an easy choice. I understand that. As horrible. As horrible as that daughter and son were created it still is her child and whether she has that child or she doesn't it will always be her child and she will always know that. And. And so to a. To embrace her to love her and to support her and get her through this very difficult time. I've always. I've. I've. I believe and I think. Um. The. The right approach is to. Is to accept this horribly created in the sense of rape. But never the less gift. And. And uh. And uh. And uh. Very broken way but gift of human life and accept what G-d has given to you as. As. As you know we have to in lots of different aspects of our life we have horrible things happen. I can't think of anything more horrible but. Never the less we have to make the best out of a bad situation.

Yes idiot we should just make the best of a bad situation when there is no way to fix it. By not aborting the constant reminder of being raped is not the same as that!
Interviewer: How do you equate? I know that your position I think, correct me if I'm wrong, Is that you believe in the sanctity of the innocence of life. How do you equate that with supporting the death penalty given that there are so many people that actually are completely innocent?

Santorum: I've supported mandatory DNA testing and uh. We have to be certain.

But we can't be can we? Because if we can't be certain as a Commander in Chief as the President. If you can't be certain and in fact you know for a fact many innocent people are getting killed under this system. You believe in the innocence of life and the sanctity and protection of life. Isn't the right consistent thing you can do to say enough!?

Santorum: I would say when there is certainty and there are cases when there are/is certainty. When there is certainty that's the case when capital punishment can be used. If there is not certainty, under the law it can't be used. If you do not have certainty then capital punishment should not be available period.

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