New Hampshire House Republicans just passed a bill to have doctors lie to woman, telling them that abortions cause breast cancer.  

The bill, known as HB 1659, not only requires women to wait a mandatory 24 hours before having an abortion, it also requires doctors to give them false information by telling them that abortion cause breast cancer.
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New Hampshire isn't the first, Kansas is also considering having doctors tell this lie.  While in Alaska, Texas and Oklahoma it's already on the books.  Oklahoma likes it so much it's going to reaffirm it.
The problem is that a direct link between abortion and breast cancer is not only disputed, it has also been rejected by multiple health organizations. The National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are a few of the groups who say no such link has been scientifically proven. Even the Susan G. Komen Foundation denies there is a link.
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Not only does this push a myth, a lie, an untruth in the guise of "informed consent," but this undermines a good patient to health care provider relationship.

But hey if we are going to legally mandate that doctors lie, and tell myths why stop there?

Lets also mandate that doctors tell men that masturbation will cause them to grow hair on their palms and will make them blind.  There's no scientific proof of this, but what the hey!  It's all for a good cause, and every sperm is sacred.

Lets also make it a law that doctors have to tell men that cell phone use causes male infertility. There's no scientific study confirming this, only a survey - but that the hey! Why not, we don't want those little critters dying off - even if men aren't dailing their cell phones with their dicks.

I also want a law that says that doctors have to tell teenage boys that wearing their belts under their butt, with the crotch of their pants at their knees, will lower their life expectancy by 60 years.  And while this may have a grain of truth in it (it's hard to run from angry boyfriends, cops, etc,) there isn't any scientific basis for the claim BUT WHAT  THE HELL - it looks stupid.

I also want a law that doctors have to tell men that hanging truck nuts will give them testicular cancer.  NO scientific basis what so ever, none, nada,  I  just hate the damn things.

As long as the states are going to mandate that doctors lie and tell myths to their patients, why should they stop at just one and this one activity, that while legal, they don't like?  There's so much more myth based, conservative, everyone walk this way, social engineering they can do.

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