We here at Progressive Congress spent the day analyzing the just released Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget for All.  Follow us below the fold for the comparison and a nifty graphic you can share with all your friends...

The Budget for All, introduced today by the Congressional Progressive Caucus is the most responsible budget to be presented in 2012.  All Americans must share both the benefits and the burdens of any budget proposal and the Budget for All successfully balances investing in our communities with a responsible revenue program.  It is the most fiscally responsible budget to balance spending and revenue within ten years.
The Budget for the 1%, introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan, invokes a slash and burn mentality to programs that millions of Americans depend on from their government.  It represents the worst of budget priorities, shifting billions of dollars in needed public investment in jobs to tax breaks for corporations and billionaires.  The disastrous spending cuts, including significant cuts to Medicare and Social Security, do not even come close to fiscal responsibility.  The Budget for the 1% does not achieve balance until at least 2030, if at all.

The Budget for the 1% is a rehash of the worst programs and ideas from last year’s incredibly unpopular Ryan Budget.  The Congressional Progressive Caucus introduced the People’s Budget in 2011 to wide acclaim by both economists and political leaders alike.  The Budget for All builds upon the successful programs of the People’s Budget and incorporates real solutions to America’s challenges. It also represents the most fiscally responsible budget to be presented to date.  The Budget for All clearly represents the values of America – that hard work is the key to success, that we all are responsible for one another and that we can provide a secure safety net while still being fiscally disciplined.

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